Buckeye Iron Will Club, Inc.
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2020 Show Date: September 12 & 13


Buckeye Wheelhorse
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Richland County Steam Threshers

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About Us
    The Buckeye Iron Will Club, Inc. was founded in 1995 when a group of friends and fellow antique collectors gathered in southern Richland County to discuss the inception of a tractor and gas engine club.
    After a few years of gathering information and much preparation, the Buckeye Iron Will Club hosted its very first show in May 1997 at the Richland County Fairgrounds, Mansfield, Ohio. Since the clubs inception, the membership has grown to over 500 individuals and families.
    Each year the club holds its annual tractor and gas engine show at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, OH. The Buckeye Iron Will Club also welcomes the Richland County Steam Threshers Association and the Buckeye Wheel Horse Collectors Club.
    Events and activities throughout the weekend include a display of tractors, gas engines, vintage garden tractors and outside vendors. There is something for everyone at the Buckeye Iron Will Club Tractor and Gas Engine Show.
    Club dues are $5 per member or $10 per family and are due annually in January. Lifetime memberships are also available. For more information about joining the club or for more information about the show, please contact Bill Gardner or check out the clubs Show Information page.
President - Bill Gardner
Vice President - Dale Jenney
Secretary - Fran Hartz
Treasurer - Cathy Gardner
Board of Directors

Term Expires 2020 - Alicia Dailey, Matt Dailey, Donna Studer & Paul Ward
Term Expires 2021 - Bill Gardner, Cathy Gardner, Steve Gilbert & Matt Wallace
Term Expires 2022 - Phaenon Sloan, Fran Hartz, Jerry Studer & Dale Jenney

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